Strategy Shooter Void Bastards Announced

Arguably, not many people expected many surprises from Inside Xbox’s presentation at their X018 event in Mexico City. But almost immediately, things got kicked off with a world premiere from developers Blue Manchu. The game is Void Bastards, a strategy/FPS hybrid that sees you leading a bunch of prisoners through space. You can check out the first trailer below, and it definitely looks like it’ll be a doozy.

Alternating between strategy and shooter elements, Void Bastards sees you managing your crew and ship, planning out heists and scavenging trips, crafting tools, and much more, all while engaging in some heated combat, accompanied by a cel-shaded comic book style. Void Bastards is due out in 2019, courtesy of Humble Bundle, and will bit hitting Xbox Game Pass instantly upon release. No other platforms have been announced yet, but stay tuned for more information on the game as it trickles in.

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