Street Power Soccer Kicks Off August 25

SFL Interactive and Maximum Games are proud to that Street Power Soccer, or as it’s know in places other than North America, Street Power Football, will be arriving on PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and Steam for retail and digital platforms on August 25. Retail pre-orders are available at brick and mortar stores and digital pre-orders will go live on July 13. Street Power Soccer features a roster of global freestyle, panna and street soccer ambassadors includes but not limited to Sean Garnier, Melody Donchet, Liv Cooke, Andrew Henderson, JaviFreestyle, Raquel Benetti, Daniel Got Hits and Yoanna Dallier.

Street Power Soccer brings a high energy arcade experience with a creative style. There is are six distinct game modes: Dance-like Freestyle, 2v2 or 3v3 Street Power matches, Trick Shot, Panna Cage Battles, Elimination and Become the Street King story mode where players become the protégé of Street Legend Sean Garnier by creating their own custom character.

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