Suda51 And SWERY to Collaborate on Indie Horror Game Hotel Barcelona

So this week in the category of “How the flaming hell has this not happened already?” legendarily quirky Japanese game developers/auteurs Gochi Suda (best known as Suda51) and Hidetaka Suehiro (best known as SWERY) have finally announced that they will be collaborating on a game together. The announcement came during a brainstorming stream on IGN Japan, where the two discussed ideas concerning it. Currently known as Hotel Barcelona, all that we know right now for sure is that it’s going to be an indie horror title that the two have discussed wanting to make since 2018, with the two saying that not all ideas (including the name) will be set in stone, although Suda apparently cited Siren and its multiple character perspectives as an inspiration.

Even more big news came when it was announced that the two have been in talks with Devolver Digital to publish the game, with a budget of roughly one million dollars. The news came as a shock to quite a few people indeed…including Devolver Digital themselves.

…Yes, apparently either Suda and SWERY were joking, Devolver is joking, the two are trying to keep things under wraps, or any number of possible scenarios. So it seems nothing is set with Devolver right now, although it’s worth noting that Devolver and Suda have already collaborated before, and Devolver still has a whole slate of unannounced games up their sleeve, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them involved. Hell, it’d be welcomed, most likely. The duo would even like to see the game on platforms such as mobile devices, Switch, or Stadia, where you can easily pick up and play it. It will indeed be intriguing to see where this all leads, so stay tuned for more news on Hotel Barcelona as things develop over time.