Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Ends With New $3M Record

Ever since 2010, the bi-annual Games Done Quick marathon has done an impressive job in raising money for various charities over the years through some fantastic displays of speedrunning. Over the past decade, it’s evolved from a humble stream in a private residence to a massive event spanning an entire week each time it appears. And the recent Summer Games Done Quick 2019 run was truly a sight to behold, featuring amazing runs of the Resident Evil 2 remake, Borderlands 2, Celeste, Deltarune, Kingdom Hearts III, and many more. And with the event now having just concluded, the most amazing thing about it all was the final total raised for the current charilty, Doctors Without Borders: $3,003,899, more than shattering Awesome Games Done Quick’s previous record of $2,425,790.

The whole week-long event was capped off with an epic six-hour glitchless run of Chrono Trigger, where the lion’s share of the money was raised. Prior to the run, just over $250,000 was raised to make it a 100% run. Roughly $47,000 went towards bid wars to name the main characters, along with just over $28,000 in a another war to see who would hug Crono at Death’s Peak, Lucca or Marle, with Lucca being the winner. A bonus incentive of seeing a fight with the 6 Nus brought in over $66,000, and as the cherry on top, another bonus boss battle with Spekkio brought in over $210,000 (though runner puwexil humorously decided to go the menu to check on their equipment in order to buy everyone the last few seconds to meet the goal). Appropriately, the $3 million mark was hit during a celebration in the game’s credits!

Around $300,000 of the total was also raised via various revenues such as sponsors and Twitch Subscriptions, which helped contribute greatly, and all of this will certainly be a great boon to Doctors Without Borders. Awesome Games Done Quick will return next year and take place from January 5 to 12, 2020, and now one has to ask: Will they be able to best this mammoth total then? And will their new mascot Velocity, the time-traveling raptor seen above, return as well? Because we’d like to believe that ridiculously charming design helped raise a bit as well.