Super Crome Shooting Into Early Access with Release Date Trailer

Maybe a space empire existing in a peaceful state is a siren call to the horrors that dwell beyond the darkness of the universe.  The inky void of Purgatory is consuming one solar system after another, making its way across the united stars of the Galactic Consul, but there is a force that might ensure survival against the invading doom.  A lone pilot etc etc etc…  The point is, there’s bad guys to fill with laser-fire in a classic-styled arcade shooter that borrows equal parts from classics like Galaga and more modern classics like DoDonPachi.  You pilot a nimble little ship that slowly powers up by collecting the glowing pixels dropped by defeated enemies, abusing the limited invulnerability of the dash to zip through clouds of bullets, and trying to survive as long as possible before an inevitable death.  I’ve gotten to play Super Crome at a couple of shows and, while it’s a straightforward little shooter, it’s the kind of straightforward that can easily worm its way into your head and demand another round.

The new trailer comes with a release date of March 19 for its Early Access release, which will be the arcade mode.  The estimated year’s residency in EA is planned to see a story mode added, complete with a space station you can wander about to chat with NPCs, plus ship configuration options for both story and arcade mode.  In the meantime, if you’re feeling impatient for a super-stripped-down version, there’s the freebie Crome: Before Purgatory available right now.