Super Mega Baseball 3 Gets Teaser Trailer

While the baseball season has currently been delayed, fans of the sport can enjoy it in video game form. If you are looking for a realistic depiction there is MLB The Show 20, however you could take a more entertaining approach with Super Mega Baseball 3.

The series has been around since 2014 and now the third installment is set to release next month. A teaser trailer has been posted for you to check out some of the upgraded content such as pickoff moves, player traits and an overall graphical enhancement. A franchise mode has been added, you can compete online and there is lots to customize. It has pretty much everything other baseball video games contain but with just a bit more style and attitude.

Have a look at the teaser video below and look for more announcements on the official release. Super Mega Baseball 3 is coming out for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Steam.