Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Switch Online Now Available on Eshop

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was full of news, but some of the most exciting for long-time gamers was that the Super Nintendo would be joining the NES as part of the Switch Online service. It has been expected for a while thanks to data mining of the NES service, and after a long day of waiting, SNES games are now playable for anyone with a Switch Online membership. The lineup is fairly diverse in terms of genres and fairly high in quality. Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Super Metroid, and A Link to the Past are must-plays, while Super Mario Kart remains a fun curiosity even as the debut of the kart racer. F-Zero is as fun to play now as it was when it launched, and Pilotwings may still be the best entry in that series. There aren’t a lot of third-party games – with Super Puyo Puyo 2 being a big exception and Demon’s Crest being the biggest must-play amongst all of the third-party offerings. The Super FX chip gets some love with Star Fox and the first-ever re-release of Stunt Race FX, while Kirby fans can enjoy Dream Land 3 and Dream Course.

Brawl Brothers offers up some beat-em-up thrills, but even in its day, that was more of a second-rate brawler. It was the kind of game you would rent if you went to Blockbuster to rent a Final Fight game and they were out, but they had that – so it scratches the itch for a beat-em-up, it just isn’t all that great an example of the genre. A part of the Switch Online service, this lineup is pretty rock-solid and an excellent value for the money. Being able to play a lot of these games on the go is very appealing – especially if you have a newer Switch model with the better screen and superior battery life.

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