Super Punch Patrol Trailer Showcases New Beat-em-Up Action

The Nintendo Switch has become a haven for side-scrolling beat-em-ups. Starting with things like the Streets of Rage games via compilations and continuing to newer games like Streets of Rage 4 and Raging Justice. Now, Super Punch Patrol is set to throw its name in the ring with a unique-looking entry in the genre. As police chief Anders Punch, the cosplay-loving Nils Snyting, or or the saxophone-playing martial artist Sema Snyting, you’ll clean up the streets.

The game uses a visual style identical to the dev’s prior work, Gunman Clive, where the world has limited color and your characters appear drawn on with shaded effects on them. Beyond the normal brawls, you’ll also have faster-moving skateboarding sections to keep things fresh. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Super Punch Patrol as its September 17 eShop release draws closer.