Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has Over A Day’s Worth of Music

Not that we needed a reminder as to its obvious scale and ambitions, but today’s Direct, focusing more on the content players will get to explore in Nintendo’s upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate, certainly reinforced the notion that the sixth entry in the beloved cross-over fighting is no mere carbon-copy and is indeed bigger than any entrant previous. As indicated by the game’s soundtrack — comprised of original, returning and completely new arrangements based on the many IP’s being represented in Smash — which was revealed to feature more than 900 tracks.

So much so that, as was explained, in terms of total length, Ultimate’s entire soundtrack will last more than 28 hours. On top of that, certain tracks are no longer restricted to particular stages and instead, Ultimate will now let you pick any song from, for example, the Zelda series for a stage taken from said IP. And with the ability to create custom playlists, as well as the fact you can even use your Switch as a music player of sorts to listen back to the soundtrack on the go, very few would deny they’re getting an incredible amount of value based solely on music. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for the Nintendo Switch on December 7.