Superbeat: Xonic Drops The Bass on Vita Today

Today surely gave rise to a pandemic of sudden flus, colds and migraines that only seem to go away when exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In unrelated news, a rather unassuming, but intriguing, rhythm action game has been released on the Vita today.  Nurijoy, Inc. and PM Studios’ Superbeat: Xonic looks set to test the callouses that I built up with Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Packed with over fifty music tracks, this particular title makes use of all buttons available on the system. In addition to the direction pad and face buttons, players will also need to switch to analog sticks, and the left and right buttons. This is all while trying to keep the beat. Considering that this is the spiritual successor to the unsung DJ Max series, this should come as no surprise. With the multiple difficulty levels and wide range of tracks, this title should be a treat for electronic music fans.

Check sure to check back later this week for our review.

Superbeat Xonic 1