Superliminal Receives Launch Trailer, Releases November 12

Well, after having been in the works for over six years, Seattle-based developers Pillow Castle are finally ready to release their first-person puzzler Superliminal upon the world. And leading up to the launch, things have been promising. Heck, it only took ten minutes of the game for us to see it as potentially entertaining. For the moment, though, everyone else will have to do with the one-minute launch trailer that you can check out below.

The new clip introduces us even further to the special SomnaSculpt dream therapy that our main character is undergoing, seemingly in a lucid dream. But once you have things go off the rails – quite literally, in fact – things get even weirder than expected, as some of the visuals nicely showcase. Players will have to used forced perspective to resize and shrink objects in order to advance and bypass obstacles, alongside a few other moments where things aren’t always they appear. Superliminal comes out on November 12 for the Epic Games Store, and certainly stands a chance at being one of the year’s most unique games.