Supermarket Shriek Coming to PS4, Switch and PC

You shouldn’t be so loud when browsing the aisles of a store, however this video game begs to differ. Supermarket Shriek has already been available for over a year on Xbox One. Now, the wacky physics-based fun is coming to PC, PS4 and Switch.

In this literal cart-racer, the object is to maneuver through various obstacles (some you never find in usual grocery stores) while screaming the direction you wish to go. A guy and his goat are the characters and when one screams they drive in their direction but together make the shopping cart go straight. There are dozens of stages to try and different co-op modes. And with PS4 and Steam microphone support, your actual screams will drive the action.

There is no set release date yet but you can check out the announcement trailer below for a look at the zaniness.