Surge 3D Headset Crowd Funding Campaign Is Live

The crowd funding campaign for the upcoming Surge 3D headset is live, which is an opportunity to snag a nice piece of gaming hardware for a heavily discounted price. The Surge 3D is a features Bluetooth connectivity with 7.1 surround sound for gaming, VR and music with a 30 hour battery. One of the cool features is a touchpad on the earcuff that can control volume and skip to the next track, along with some RGB lighting effects. Surge 3D is targeted for a release in May when it will retail for $239 but early supporters can get it for $89 through their Indiegogo campaign. Hardcore Gamer happened to acquire a prototype model and in short this is a great sounding piece of audio equipment. A detailed account of our experience with the Surge 3D will be posted shortly.