Survivor 2299 Revealed As Fake, Now A “Gotcha!” Page

Well, the use of an ARG to reveal a new Fallout game seemed too good to be true. But at the same time, the Survivor 2299 site almost seemed too elaborate to be fake. Since the site went up around a month ago, it’s brought Fallout fans together. They’ve deciphered Morse code messages, and cracked the site’s many codes. But alas, it was in fact a fake.

Oddly enough, it was revealed five days before the site’s timer was set to go out.


At least the madman behind the elaborate hoax was kind enough to offer thanks to everyone who participated. Could the timer have stopped early because Bethesda really does plan on unveiling Fallout 4 on the eleventh? Eh, probably not. But us Fallout fans need some sort of hope to latch onto, as Bethesda wont be showing anything at VGX this year.