SWERY And White Owls Deliver Another Insane Trailer For The Missing

A month ago, we got our first in-action look at The Missing, a new puzzle platformer from SWERY and developers White Owls. It was…interesting, to say the least. But hey, what else can you expect from a mad genius like SWERY? Since then, more details have popped up concerning the game. Namely that the central mechanic involves our protagonist, J.J., being able to grow back severed limbs and survive for as long as possible without them. So a chunk of the game’s puzzles involves having to maneuver around obstacles while in various limbless states. But as for the game’s plot, that remains a mystery. At least not until this new trailer, which reveals…that it may actually be more of a mystery.

Where to begin? The backwards audio? The moose person? The sky whale? The giant knife-wielding monsters? We do get a slightly deeper look at the features from before, the characters, and the island setting as well, though. Also, make no mistake, this is the fascinating kind of insanity. Between the unique gameplay hooks and the surreal plot and style, this looks like another bizarre gem from the famed auteur. And we won’t even have to wait long for it, as an October 11 release date was announced! The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories will hit all major platforms then, so don’t miss it.