Switch Usage in Docked, Undocked Mode Roughly 50-50 Nintendo Says

Though the statistics vary from game to game, in an interview with Ars Technica, Nintendo’s Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser (great surname by the way) has stated that according to the company’s own telemetry data, the split between usage in Docked and Undocked modes for the Nintendo Switch, is roughly even — pretty much 50-50. While Nintendo’s use of the term “undocked” refers to both Tabletop and Handheld mode combined — and thus does skew the results somehow, indicating that Docked still holds a majority share in total worldwide usage — nevertheless, it’s proof that the Switch’s hybrid premise and portability, even as a home console, is doing the system justice.

What’s more, Bowser states that said data allows the company to better understand consumer usage and thus focus both game development and additional marketing to suit. “From a positioning standpoint we can look at various titles and how they’re being played…” Bowser explains. “That allows us to think about various ways with digital marketing and some of our videos to know how to position them.”