Tactical Breach Wizards Opens Fire With New Gameplay Trailer

Last year’s Summer Game Fest event had Devolver’s big showcase introduce us all to the glory of Wizard with a Gun, which is exactly what the name says. Since that game was MIA this year, though, Gunpoint developer Suspicious Developments decided to pick up the slack this year by letting loose a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game which has been in the works for a while, Tactical Breach Wizards, at the PC Gaming Show. As seen below, it is also exactly what the name implies, though it happens to be a different sort of game involving wizards, guns, and the joy to be had from a combo of the both.

A small-scale turn-based tactics game, Tactical Breach Wizards sees you attempting to take down the likes of evil private militaries with a pair of wizards, who strike back with a mix of modern tactical gear and weaponry, plus some old-fashioned spells that can give them a nice advantage when it comes to clearing rooms. Throw in a nice story in between missions with some branching dialogue, and Tactical Breach Wizards could easily become a quick little strategy hit for the PC one it comes out “when it’s done” (as stated by the developers).