Take a Moment to Relax With Some Terra Nil Gameplay

With titles like Lawn Mowing Simulator, PowerWash Simulator and Unpacking slowly becoming a bigger part of the gaming space, it seems that there’s almost a brand new genre rising:  satisfaction games. That is, games that revolve around getting everything just right and enjoying the orderliness, cleanliness or, in the case of Terra Nil, the sheer tranquility of it all. Check out some of it below.

Terra Nil is a strategy game wherein players work to reinvigorate a barren wasteland. Using advanced technology, they can return water to the wastes, help trees grow again, reintroduce wildlife and then try to make it so it seems like they were never there at all. It certainly sounds like a challenge, but if that gameplay shown above is any indication then it’ll be challenge that’ll actually be pleasant in the undertaking.

Terra Nil is coming to PC and Netflix in 2023.