Taking a Hand-On Approach in Mothergunship: Forge VR Trailer

Nice as it is to get something fully-functional right out of the box, there’s something to be said for the do-it-yourself approach.  Mothergunship let you build your own gun from a selection of connectors, mods and barrels, with the only limit being the amount of energy it took to fire what could become a ridiculously-overpowered monstrosity.  Each new run had the player taking on a randomized collection of hand-built FPS arenas packed with drones, turrets and other robo-baddies, multi-jumping all over the map while avoiding a barrage of firepower and attempting to find the necessary parts to construct a gun that could give as good as it got.  Now Mothergunship is getting a new VR entry into what’s just become a series, with Mothergunship: Forge being revealed today.

There’s not a huge amount of info about Mothergunship: Forge yet, whether it’s a remake, side-game or full sequel, but the reveal trailer and Steam page do give good information about how the action-FPS is going to work in VR.  The original game was built for dual-wielding and the VR version doesn’t change that, letting you build one unique gun per hand.  Unlike the crafting stations in the original, though, VR lets you pop on and remove components by hand, which looks like it should be highly satisfying.  The entire game is also being designed with both room-scale and sitting modes, because it’s always nice to have a choice between comfy and active gaming.

Mothergunship: Forge is coming to PC and Meta Quest 2 this June.  Check out the trailer below to get a taste for the two-fisted gun-building robo-blasting madness to come.

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