Team17 Summons Up The Unliving

Team17 seem to really be setting up a ton of announcement and release for their thirtieth anniversary this year, and now RocketBrush Studio and their roguelike action-RPG game The Unliving gets to join in the celebration. Team17 recently announced that they will be partnering with the developers to help publish their necromancy-based game…which shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise, since the game’s Steam page has had Team17 listed as the publisher for over a month now, but hey, as seen in the trailer below, this looks like an impressive game that warrants some fanfare regardless.

The reveal trailer features narration for our player character, The Necromancer, as they attempt to seek revenge on the living world that has become more and more corrupted. The main hook is that every enemy you take down can be resurrected to fight by your side, potentially allowing you to have massive armies that invoke more RTS-like gameplay elements. It looks absolutely stunning, and while we won’t get to see it as a whole until 2021, The Unliving should hopefully make for a fun experience when it hits the PC.