Team17 to Publish Satirical Dungeon Crawler Going Under

Team17 have been on fire recently as a publisher, helping to release indie titles like Blasphemous and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair that have been garnering notable acclaim. So what do they have lined up for the future that can help keep a string of hits coming? Well, that’s where Seattle-based developers Aggro Crab Games come in with Going Under. Described as a satirical dungeon crawler, the game sees you exploring the ruins of some of the most unholy creations yet…failed tech startups.

Going Under sees you playing as Jackie, a new intern for a soda-based startup, Fizzle. Unfortunately, as this is at least partially a dystopian world, part of Jackie’s duties involve going on dungeon crawls in order to gather supplies. However, as the reveal trailer below shows, the standard dimly-lit, brick-lined dungeons and caverns have now been replaced by colorful office locales buried beneath the campus building. Instead of swords, enemies wield body pillows, treasure can be found through packages carried by drones, explosive energy drinks can be flung in cafeterias, and much more. The end result is an intriguing hack-and-slash title that aims to be a take on modern company culture, and we’ll see how it fares when Going Under comes out in 2020 for PC and consoles.