Tear It All Down in Instruments of Destruction Launch Date Trailer

You know what breaks real good?  Absolutely everything.  Entropy may be efficient and universally thorough but it’s also incredibly boring, so when it’s time for something to get cleared away the best option is some kind of giant flailing machine.  What kind of machine is a subject of continued debate, though, and the only way to get a good answer is through endless experimentation.  Instruments of Destruction is a game that lets you design towards an answer, although it doesn’t actually define the concept of “best option”.  Technically speed and efficiency could fall under that category, but would simply ramming through a building be cool enough?  Probably not, which is why the toybox for Instruments of Destruction includes wrecking balls, spikes, rods, chains, sawblades both circular and chainsaw-style, plus any number of different types of wheels and connector bits.  There may not be any one true answer for what the best mecha-beast of annihilation is, but the goal of Instruments of Destruction is to design, drive, and tune vehicles that comes as close as possible across a series of islands with plenty of ruins to test them out on.

There was a good demo for Instruments of Destruction back in the October Steam Next Fest, but that was months ago and work has continued on the game since then.  Now it’s just about ready to release into Early Access on March 2, with a planned development cycle of a year minimum to add more levels, machine parts, and general polish to make it look even better than it already does.  It’s also somehow got a theme song, so give the trailer a view to see all the wonderful destruction set to a worryingly catchy tune.

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