Techland’s ‘Hellraid’ Pushed to 2014

Techland announced today that their moderately-anticipated “Hellraid” has slipped into 2014. Game Producer Marcin Kruczkiewicz writes:

“Since we started developing Hellraid we have had a clear goal to create a game that we all would love to play. We wanted to pay tribute to the best aspects of classic titles we grew up on and enhance them with new ideas, modern technology and extensive co-op that would provide players with dozens or even hundreds of hours of pure and bloody fun. If we released our game this year we would have to make too many compromises and the final product probably wouldn’t meet all our promises and players’ expectations.”

The decision comes in response to implementing new ideas and redesigning parts of the game that fans didn’t like during playtesting. “For example we want to redesign the magic system to make it even more powerful and diverse, add new ways of casting spells and a set of new, more visually stunning spells,” reveals Kruczkiewicz. The team wants to use this additional time also to add new gameplay features and game modes which should make the game even more entertaining for both single player and 4-player co-op.

Developed simultaneously with Dying Light, Hellraid is a digital hack & slash action title for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.