Tekken 7 Definitive Edition Steps into the Arena Today

Tekken 7 has been growing steadily since its initial release in 2015, so much so that it could be argued that difference is practically day and night now. Content has also been added often enough that it might have been difficult for fans to decide when exactly they should jump on board. Well, perhaps now is the right time. Tekken 7 Definitive Edition launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC today, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This version of Bandai Namco’s excellent fighter includes the base game along with Eliza and all the DLC content from Seasons one through four. In other words, it’s the complete experience at last.

Alongside Tekken 7 Definitive Edition, there is also an “Originals Edition,” which includes the base game, twelve DLC characters and a new “Frame Rate Data” feature. It’s not everything, but perhaps the essentials are just enough for some out there.