Temtem Shows Off Its Starters in New Trailer

When it comes to games about catching and raising monsters, Pokémon hasn’t had any real competition since the height of its popularity in the early 2000s. Next month, though, Crema will release their MMO monster-catching game Temtem into Early Access. We’ll get our first taste of it then, and see if it really has the chops to go toe to toe with Pikachu and company. But before then, like any other “Mon” game, we need learn more about the game’s starter creatures, which is what the new trailer below is for.

As expected, Temtem has its own types of the titular creatures, each with their own advantages and weaknesses. At the start, players will be able to choose between Crystle, the hardened Crystal-type Temtem caught in the mines of Quetzal, Smazee, the fluffy and quick Melee-type known as an elegant battler, and Houchic, the Mental-type great for novices that excels in special attacks. The clip goes into further detail on each one, and they look like a cute yet powerful batch of critters. Temtem arrives in Early Access on January 21, which should provide enough time for players to choose their favorite starter.

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