Terror Squid is Still Unsettling in Awesome Indies Trailer

Terror Squid is still looking both great and oddly scary in its latest teaser trailer. Released as a part of Gamescom’s “Awesom Indies” showcase, this teaser gives fans another glimpse of the terror they can wreak upon themselves. Indeed, none can stop the cosmic horror squid, but it can take itself out quite easily. It would actually be kind of funny if said squid wasn’t certain to kill off everything else first.

As seen in the trailer, Terror Squid  is a bullet hell-style shooter of a different sort. Instead of challenging players with intricately designed and timed projectile patters,  the game instead turns players’ own bullets against them. Death is inevitable for the Terror Squid, but that doesn’t mean it can’t try to outlive the apocalypse it itself created. At the very least, it can dodge its own attacks until its dark powers can detonate them. It likely won’t be enough though, nothing can escape a cosmic entity, not even itself.

Terror Squid is set to launch sometime this fall for PC, Macintosh and Nintendo Switch.