TerrorMania Strikes Rage 2 on November 14

It looks like ID is diligently sticking to their roadmap for Rage 2, because the game’s second expansion is almost here. Once it launches on November 14, TerrorMania will add a new weapon to strike down one’s enemies with, a new location to explore and a new faction to fight. Some idiotic goons have opened a portal to a new reality, and it’s up to Walker to close it up before a hoard of undead can overrun the living residents of the wasteland.

The new location coming to the game is known as “The Deadlands,” an alternate-reality version of the Wasteland players have come to know over these past few months. Players will have to explore remixed versions of familiar locations like “HellSpring” and “Overbone City,” as well as new locations like “The Hospital” and “The Floating Islands” as they track down fragments of a relic known as the “NecroDisc” in order to close the reality tear. They’ll have to fight hoards of skeletons along the way, but they’re nothing a ranger armed with “The Sword of Transitus” can’t handle.

TerrorMania comes to Rage 2 on November 14. Players can download it via the in-game store for about five dollars, or get it as part of the TerrorMania Digital Deluxe Upgrade for $17.50. This bundles an additional mission and items along with the new expansion.