Tetris Beat Adds New, Exclusive Songs Alongside Album Release

Tetris Beat is a fantastic blend of Tetris and rhythm gameplay and has been a go-to game for me on my Apple TV. iOS users have had a few different versions of Tetris to enjoy, but none offers the level of fun that this incarnation does – and new songs have just been added to it. Four new tracks were added on December 5, including songs by Marina Trench and Jason Chu with Tetris Beat’s fast-paced action in mind.

Along with a set of new tracks for the game, a new Tetris Beat Full Essentials Vol. 1 album hit Apple Music as well – offering up a chance to enjoy a wide variety of tracks outside the game. Anyone looking into getting into the Apple Arcade ecosystem without spending a lot should check out an Apple TV – which can get you solid gaming performance on most games, with Tetris Beat being one that performs quite well across the entire Apple Arcade ecosystem.

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