Tetris Effect for PC Becomes Epic Exclusive, Releasing Next Week

Easily the surprise release of last year and arguably one of the best games of 2018 period, was of course Tetris Effect. An even more baffling declaration to make given how old the IP is and how many iterations/ports/reinventions of the classic, block-falling puzzle series have become available. And yet through a combination of visuals, sound and some neat gameplay additions, developer Enhance — fronted by celebrated video game designer/producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Rez/Lumines fame notably — Tetris Effect being by far one of the more evocative takes on one of video game’s oldest properties.

Prior to today the game had been confined to PS4, but now Enhance have confirmed that the game will indeed be making its way to PC, however the announcement was not without a certain degree of disappointment as it turns out that Tetris Effect will only be releasing through the Epic Games Store. Understandably, fans are not happy as indicated by the already stark contrast in likes to dislikes accompanying the announcement trailer which you can view below. Much like its PS4 equivalent, the PC version will also support VR, but will add to these features via support for unlocked frame-rate and resolution. Expanded graphic options are also mentioned, though the trailer stops short of saying what they are. Tetris Effect for PC will be available starting next week, July 23.