Tetris Effect is Getting A ‘Connected’ Expansion

It says something about Tetris Effect when you needn’t even show anything pertaining to Tetrimino’s or said Tetrimino’s falling into place, for the game’s unique look and vibe, to be instantly recognizeable. But of course it helped that developer Enhance’s name sprung up beforehand — together with a new remix of the game’s main theme — which would likely lead many to believe that a sequel was about to be revealed. As it turns out, while the announcement was to first confirm Tetris Effect was making its way onto Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC, it turns out that the real news is that the game is getting an expanded version.

Dubbed Tetris Effect: Connected, the newest version of 2018’s brilliant audio-visual interpretation, boasts both an enhanced single-player mode as well as all new multiplayer modes of which are teased briefly in the below trailer. Following on from its planned release alongside the launch of Xbox Series X later this Holiday, the game’s expansion will also be made available for free for all other iterations of the game — PS4, Epic Games Store & Oculus Quest — sometime in Summer 2021.