Tetris Effect Makes Its Way to Steam Next Month

Steam users will finally be able to get their hands on the brilliant Tetris Effect, as well as last year’s equally-impressive Connected expanded version. The bold 2018 iteration on Tetris, will be available on the platform starting August 18. The Steam version will launch with a 25% discount for its first two weeks on sale and will come bundled with a seven-track sampler of the game’s soundtrack on top. What’s more, all versions of Tetris Effect — across PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, the Epic Game Store and its Oculus Quest VR version — will automatically convert to Tetris Effect: Connected. Bringing the expansion’s added multiplayer modes, as well as cross-play functionality, to all platforms.

Some new features will also be added to the game, such as a Spectator mode as well as what’s been dubbed PAL Speed for certain modes. A new option which aims to replicate the performance of the European PAL format of Tetris for the NES, including a lower frame-rate, faster horizontal movement and faster drop speed in later levels. Due to the inevitable influx of new players for the online modes, players’ Skill Rating (SR) will be reset as a result, so as to recalibrate match-making.