Tetris Movie Starring Taron Egerton Begins Shooting in December

After Detective Pikachu, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog all surprisingly scored decent reviews from critics, many are wondering if the decades-spanning curse of video game films has finally been lifted, or if something worse is still on the way. There are several video game-related films in the works, though some are only in their earliest stages or only rumors at this point. One unexpected film, however, will be taking is first steps as it begins preparing to shoot next month in Scotland: The Tetris movie, starring Golden Globe winner Taron Egerton (best known for Rocketman and the Kingsman films) and directed by Jon S. Baird.

This is likely the point where you wonder just how the heck you make a film about Tetris, and what the plot will be. The answer, as revealed by Deadline, is that you make the movie about Tetris itself. That is to say, a film based on the real-life events surrounding video game designers Henk Rogers (played by Egerton) and Alexey Pajitnov (yet to be cast), and the legal battles surrounding Tetris that occurred in the late 1980s, such as issues in porting it to consoles. So yes, a drama/biopic, and not a sci-fi thriller about maverick space engineers who have to perfectly line up giant blocks in order to fend off aliens or anything like that, which many may have feared would happen. The film does not have a release window yet, but has been scooped up by Apple for their Apple TV+ streaming service. Stay tuned for more details on the Tetris film as they come.