TGA 2021 Gameplay Trailer for Tchia Showcases Impressive Traversal

We have seen a few glimpses of Tchia over the past year, and everything looks charming so far. The Game Awards 2021 gave us the biggest glimpses yet of the core gameplay and it very much feels like a 3D Zelda-inspired game with a completely fresh setting. Having it set off the coast of Australia offers up a lush setting that isn’t often seen and we got an impressive vision of the future for the game.

The climbing traversal is seemingly very much inspired by Breath of the Wild, as we’ve seen in other games like Genshin Impact and Immortals: Fenyx Rising, but with far more detail in the climbing animation itself. The platforming portions with trees also look far more engaging as wind appears to play a part in the movement of the outfits. So far, this looks like a promising adventure and we’ll see how it pans out in 2022 when it hits the PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.