‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes Official for WWE 2K23

While speculation has run rampant that Cody Rhodes would be featured in this year’s WWE game, 2K has confirmed it by showing him getting scanned. Since his last gaming appearance as Stardust, Cody Rhodes has had an incredible career. He won both the ROH and NWA World Titles, with the latter being the same title his father Dusty held and was won at ALL IN — a show he co-promoted. That show’s success showed that there was room for more companies, leading to AEW and Cody being an EVP there before leaving last year and going back to WWE.

Since then, he has had three fantastic matches with Seth Rollins and his last match before his pec tear operation was one of the year’s best inside Hell in a Cell, something many fans will likely try to replicate in 2K23. It was a dramatic match and showed that Cody was back to craft his own legacy while also hinting that this legacy needs not only the WWE Title, but also the famed Winged Eagle — which no one in the Rhodes family has ever held. Players can give Cody whatever title they so choose when WWE 2K23 launches on March 17, although those who buy the deluxe edition or icon edition will be able to play it on March 14.