The Artful Escape Now Set For 2020 Release

The Artful Escape has been in the works for quite a while now, with Australian developers Beethoven & Dinosaur having first showcased it over three years ago. The quirky musical platformer has certainly delighted us in previews since then, but we still haven’t had any word on a release date. Yet while we still don’t have anything concrete, publishers Annapurna Interactive have now released a new trailer insisting that yes, the game will be coming next year. You can check out the new clip below, which heads into some rather surreal territory.

Set in 1972, the game sees you playing as Francis Vendetti, a young musician attempting to inspire their stage persona before their first performance. This requires Francis to explore his own imagination, which sees him and players performing for large yeti-like creatures, shredding across outer space, and even going on alien talk shows. All while having to battle the legacy of a dead folk god. The Artful Escape is now due out in 2020 for Xbox and Apple Arcade, and at the very least, it should provide some rather amazing music when it comes out.