The ‘Bloody Harvest’ Has Begun Once More in Borderlands 3

The season of spooks is finally here, and it’s brought Borderlands 3’s special Halloween event with it. Yup, the “Bloody Harvest” has returned, once more allowing fans to earn all manner of creepy gear and scary guns. As is to be expected though, Vault Hunters won’t be able to collect this stuff without putting in some work first. If they want all that sweet gear, they’re going to have to go to Heck first.

Once players arrive in Heck, they can start to dig into the actual meet of “Bloody Harvest.” There are plenty of vengeful spirits that need to be sent back to the grave here, including Captain Heck himself once again. There are plenty of special event challenges to conquer too. For every four or so completed, players will be rewarded with a special skin or trinket. These include:

  • ‘A Shrinking Feeling’ weapon trinket for four completed challenges;
  • ‘Message from Beyond’ ECHO Device skin for eight completed challenges;
  • ‘Haunted Look’ shared Vault Hunter skin for twelve completed challenges, and
  •  a ‘Porphyrophobia’ weapon skin for fifteen completed challenges.

The “Bloody Harvest” event is free for all Borderlands 3 players and runs from October 9 to November 5.