The Blue Blur Goes Open World in Sonic Frontiers

Earlier this year during a celebration of Sonic the hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, it was revealed that Sonic Team was working on a new game, which wasn’t exactly that much of a surprise. But at The Game Awards, we finally got the official announcement trailer for this new game, dubbed Sonic Frontiers. It starts out pretty standard, with Sonic running through a forest, being chased by machines…but then we cut to some wide areas filled with grasslands, ruins, various types of machinery, and yes, it’s official: Sonic the Hedgehog is venturing out into his first open world game. It should be interesting to see how these adventures in the Starfall Islands play out, but of that wasn’t enough to excite fans, then there’s also the fact that the game’s narrative will come courtesy of Ian Flynn, the fan-favorite writer for the current IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics and the prior ones from Archie. Sonic Frontiers is due out in Holiday 2022 for all major platforms, when it’ll hopefully be one of the better games in the series.

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