The Bottom Drops Out for Amiibo on Amazon

Several of Nintendo’s amiibo figures saw prices slashed on Amazon, with some experiencing an overnight drop in value of over 60 percent.

Search for amiibo on Amazon and you’ll see price drops affecting the majority of amiibo figures. Many are only a couple dollars, like Link’s standard figure, but most of them are seeing more dramatic cuts, like Kapp’n falling to just $4.12 as of press time. Strangely though, the used prices of some of these figures on Amazon jumped significantly; Kapp’n, for instance, is now going used for $67.

It’s an odd move for sure and it’s not entirely clear why. It could be that when Disney killed its similar Infinity game, it signalled the slow death of the toys-to-life genre, or a general lack of confidence in Nintendo’s overall amiibo strategy going forward especially given that the company will only be showing off the new The Legend of Zelda game at E3. Either way, it seems like now might be a good time to buy some amiibo if you’re in the market.