The Caligula Effect 2 Comes to PC on June 23

It’s been a few months since The Caligula Effect 2 released for PlayStation 4 and Switch, but PC-based fans wait is almost over. While it has its problems, the sequel to The Caligula Effect turned out to be pretty solid overall, so those waiting for the Steam released will likely be pleased with it. This release will also be marking the series’ sixth  anniversary, so Historia is giving fans a new costume to enjoy.

This “Retro Tatefushi Uniform” can be changed into at any time from the “costume” field in the equipment screen. It’ll only be available in the PC version at first, but console-based players will also be able to enjoy it after a future update. RPG fans who aren’t familiar with the series may want to take a moment to check out the new PC gameplay trailer below, as it should help them better understand what’s on offer here.

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