The Callisto Protocol From Dead Space Creator Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Sci-Fi horror is a whole other world of scary and if anyone knows about this, it is Dead Space creator Glen Schofield. With a team working under his directorial guidance, a new sci-fi horror title is coming with The Callisto Protocol. The first gameplay trailer was shown off during today’s State of Play, and gives some eerily familiar vibes. This is a next-generation take on survival horror that will mesh brutal combat with a deep and terrifying human story. Set on Jupiter’s dead moon Callisto in the year 2320, you will face the challenge of escaping the maximum security Black Iron Prison as you dig for secrets involving the United Jupiter Company.

The Callisto Protocol will bring exploration into play as searching your surroundings will be key as you adapt to enemy tactics. A combination of shooting and close-quarters combat will be needed to survive a strange outbreak that has taken control of Callisto. The game will star Josh Duhamel as Jacob Lee, a pilot that is trapped deep within the prison. It will also star Karen Fukuhara, star of The Boys, that plays a sketch inmate.

Striking Distance Studios is building the game with a new process known as “Horror Engineering”. The goal is to seemlessly blend elements of brutality, atmosphere, tension, humanity and hopelessness. The Callisto Protocol is available now for pre-orders in Day One, Standard and Digital Deluxed Edition. A Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively in the US and Canada at Gamestop and EB Games. This will include a limited run Steelbook case, comic book and ultra-premium collectable statue. The game launches on December 2 for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Check out the trailer below.

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