The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Casts a Shadow Over Morrowind

A new year opens up the possibility for change and new adventures. This is something that’s well known to those who play The Elder Scrolls Online as each year has brought a new expansion to the MMO. This year’s adventure is Shadow Over Morrowind, allowing players to explore places that haven’t been seen since 1994. As is tradition Shadow Over Morrowind will be gradually unveiled across multiple content releases, the first of which is the Scribes of Fate dungeon DLC in March. This chapter will include four new PvE dungeons where players will have to battle their way past the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora in Scrivener’s Hall or contend with the temporal magics of Bal Sunnar.

The main event, the Necrom chapter, will become available in June and there the Arcanist, a new playable cast, will become available. The Arcanist is armed with powerful new abilities and mechanics drawn from a Daedric Prince in the realm of Oblivion and is the seventh new class in ESO. Necrom will feature thirty hours of new story content, taking place in two new zones in Eastern Morrowind with two new companions. Scribes of Fate is set to launch on March 13 for PC/Mac and March 28 for PlayStation and Xbox. The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is scheduled for PC/Mac on June 5 and Xbox and PlayStation on June 20.