The Escapist Partner With GOG For Indie Showcase

Yes, yet another gaming outlet has announced their own gaming event in order to fill the E3 2020 void. At this point, a good chunk of us at Hardcore Gamer are likely kicking ourselves for not having jumped in as well. But kidding aside, Escapist Editor-in-Chief Nick Calandra has been working since E3’s cancellation towards creating a special showcase for indie games that would benefit from the spotlight in these times, hence teaming up with GOG for the Escapist Indie Showcase. Taking place from June 11 to June 14, the showcase promises new reveals, gameplay, developer diaries, and much more.

The announcement trailer below give us a taste of what to expect, with titles such as Axiom Verge 2, Mayhem in Single Valley, ScourgeBringer, Black Skylands and more set to appear. June 11 will see a Nintendo Direct-style presentation where over seventy different indie games will be showcased, complete with new reveals. June 12 to 14 will see post-show coverage streamed online with hands-on demos, gameplay videos, developer interviews, and other coverage. So it likely goes without saying that indie fans will definitely want to check out the Escapist Indie Showcase this June.