The Eye of Typhoon: Anniversary Edition Marks New 3DO Release

This year sees the ongoing 30th anniversary of Viccom, a South Korean developer founded by Kim Kaphwan (yes, as in the Fatal Fury character, the real-life Kim was the inspiration for them) who were notable for a pair of fighting games that stood out in the Korean gaming scene of the ’90s, Fight Fever and The Eye of Typhoon. As part of the celebration, Piko Interactive will be releasing The Eye of Typhoon: Anniversary Edition, making it the first time that the 1996 fighter will see an official North American release. That alone may make the game worth checking out, but what stands out even more is what platforms this edition will cover. See, The Eye of Typhoon’s Neo-Geo/arcade release was cancelled, so the game went straight to a PC release…and a 3DO port published by LG. And as such, the Anniversary Edition will include both PC and 3DO versions of The Eye of Typhoon.

This means that the 3DO, Trip Hawkins’ ambitious yet doomed console will finally see its first new release since its discontinuation in 1996. We may have seen new releases for older consoles before, either via re-released classic games or homebrewed titles, yet seeing a new 3DO release like this still seems like shock. That’s not to diminish the game itself, though, as The Eye of Typhoon is still an ambitious and solid fighting game with a variety of unique characters, and the Anniversary Edition comes with such extras as hologram cards, a strategy guide, a postcard autographed by Executive Producer Kim Jae-hoon, and more. But the 3DO release means an odd bit of gaming history is being made here, so if you’re a collector of gaming rarities and oddities like the 3DO, or a fan of fighting games or South Korean gaming history, you can pre-order The Eye of Typhoon: Anniversary edition over at Piko Interactive’s site, with the game currently due out in April.

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