The Foreboding Town of Dusk Rises Again on Switch

Back before fast-paced FPSes were cursed with the phrase “boomer shooter” there was Dusk.  In the far-flung past of 2018 an FPS showed up that didn’t just play like the shooters of the 90s, it played like people remembered the shooters feeling.  Dusk was fast and vicious with a grimy horror feel, set in a town overrun with cultists and the terrible creatures they summoned, and the only thing more deadly than the eldritch nightmare of the coming dark was you, the player.  Burlap-hooded summoners throwing fireballs or shotgun-scarecrows would normally be a serious problem but the player runs at an incredible pace, and with just a little bit of breathing room can circle-strafe just about anything into oblivion.  Backing up the speed is a wide array of weapons and plenty of ammo, and it’s all topped off with some truly excellent level design.  While Dusk is in no way the first of the current wave of neo-retro shooter it’s unquestionably one of the best, and now the game has made the jump from PC to Switch.

Bringing a fast-paced shooter like Dusk to console isn’t easy thanks to the need to adjust it to controllers, but the new version comes with several tricks to make everything work properly without impacting the speed.  The new weapon wheel helps with on-the-fly changes, while gyro aiming lets you do subtle adjustments by tilting the Switch.  It also adds elements such as UI tweaks, and for actual gaming content there’s also a new endless level to work on your score attack.  These features will be coming to the PC version too, but not quite yet.

The new release brings with it a new trailer showing off the game, although being Youtube it can be hard to get a sense of how smooth the consistent 60 FPS gameplay feels.  Give it a watch below, and mind the chainsaw cultist behind the couch.