The Game Bakers Unveil New RPG Title Haven

Three years after their last endeavor via the stylish, cel-shaded, electronic music-backed Furi, developer The Game Bakers are back with their latest project, Haven, which on mere glimpse of its teaser alone, appears to aiming for the same vibrant and colorful aesthetic as the studio’s previous hit. Except this time, both the premise and indeed the genre are a tad different — The Game Bakers themselves adamantly expressing that this is not Furi 2, despite the artistic/aesthetic similarities.

Haven, a self-described “adventure RPG” centers around a couple whom having escaped to an alien world, must survive the many turns their journey takes. Though you can of course play it solo, the game will also support co-op. Haven currently has a vague release of 2020 though The Game Bakers have confirmed that the game will come to both consoles and PC. Check out the game’s first teaser below.