The Grovetender Awaits in Risk of Rain 2 Scorched Acres Update

Hopoo Games and Gearbox has just put out a brand-new update for Risk of Rain 2. This “Scorched Acres” update adds a hefty amount of new content to the experience, including: a new boss, new survivor, new stage and plenty of new equipment to play around in. Check it all out in the trailer below:

The new Grovetender boss, a fan of wisps and throwing hooks, can be challenged by players in the newly added Scorched Acres stage. Defeating it will be tricky though, so fans might want to stock up on equipment before taking up the challenge. They might also want to try their hand at playing REX the robot first. Otherwise, it might be enough to take a couple of new Incinerator Drones into the fight. Hopefully they know how to dodge hooks.

The Risk of Rain 2 – Scorched Acres update is available now for all players via Steam.

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