The Halcyon Colony Welcomes You to The Outer Worlds

Given that The Outer Worlds at least partially sells itself on satirical take on corporations attempting to colonize space, it only makes sense that we would receive at least one trailer from some of these corporations. So now, with the latest trailer for the game, these corporations would like to welcome you to the Halcyon colony! The latest clip, seen below, gives you a quick look at the many benefits of space colonization. Some of which just happen to involve large amounts of guns.

The sense of humor Obsidian brought to Fallout: New Vegas clearly shines through here, as our little tourist video showcases a bunch of stuff you can do in the Halcyon system. Visit unique locales, engage in exciting combat, experiment with various powers and shrink ways, and much more. While it would be nice to see more dialogue-based gameplay as well, this still perfectly sets the game’s tone. The Outer Worlds comes out on October 25 for XB1, PS4, and Epic Games Store, so start arranging travel plans.

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