The Icy Realm of Niffelheim Freezing Consoles With New Trailer

The Norse afterlife is difficult to get right.  Die in battle and you could end up in Valhalla or Fólkvangr, but a more standard death merely earns a spot in the cold and misty Niflheim. Or maybe Niflhel, because the ancient records are lost and those that survive are somewhat unclear.  The point is, in Niffelheim (the game) non-glorious deaths get a non-glorious afterlife.  This shouldn’t apply to the warrior whose soul is trapped there, seeing as s/he died in battle, but the gods are capricious enough already that it’s best if the dead don’t question fate.  That doesn’t mean the warrior can’t try to do something about it, of course, so they set out on a quest to find and assemble the pieces of a portal to Asgard.

Niffelheim is a richly illustrated 2D side-scrolling action survival game set in the cold realms of the Norse afterlife.  There’s more to victory than picking up a weapon and bludgeoning your way into Valhalla, because despite being dead you’ll still need a home base.  A good base leads to better weapons and resources, which gives a much better chance to get out of the afterlife without your soul being annihilated by the horrors wandering its snowy lands.

While Niffelheim has been out on PC for a while, the console editions are coming out September 20 for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.  These versions are a major upgrade, containing new weapons and armor, more crafting items, and even bigger and meaner monsters to use it all on.  The PC version will be receiving the update as well, so if you’ve got that already you aren’t being abandoned.  Give a look to the trailer below for the resource harvesting, castle building, monster smacking action that will be required to earn an escape from the vicious arctic hel-scape of Niffleheim.

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