The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny Now Available on Switch eShop

The legendary NeoGeo Pocket Color was a highly-regarded portable in its time and has one of the highest quality game libraries ever. It’s an “all killer, no filler” lineup of games – and one of its best fighting games is now available on the Switch in the form of The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny. We have seen a handful of NGPC games on the platform so far, and they’ve all been emulated wonderfully and play great both on the go and on a TV.

In other Last Blade news, there will also be a webcomic with two 12 episode seasons – with the first three episodes available now and the first six episodes will be available for free. Moreover, there will be a character from The Last Blade sharping their tools to join the fray as a season pass 3 combatant in Samurai Shodown’s modern-day game across on consoles and PC via EGS. You can pick up The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny now for $8 on the eShop.