The Legendary Rayquaza Receives a Mega Evolution

To complete the trio of land and sea Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre, the sky has opened up to reveal Mega Rayquaza. With the recently released video, we get a glimpse into what the Sky High Pokémon’s new-found powers can yield.

Rayquaza gains the new Delta Stream ability. Based on the in-game text which states, “a mysterious air current is protecting Flying-type Pokémon,” it can be assumed that during this time any Flying-type on the field cannot be damaged. It’s not clear how the ability will conform to other rules, but we do know that it’s very powerful and will be the cause of many headaches among online battlers.

Dragon Ascent, an attack that has Rayquaza bolt toward the stratosphere and crash down on the opponent with tremendous force, is also new. There’s not much information to go on at the moment, but Mega Rayquaza manages to knock out a level 100 Swampert in one attack, so it’s safe to assume that badass is on its resume.

Rayquaza starred in its own Gen III game back in 2004 and clearly didn’t want to miss out on all the Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby fun. Anytime the three legendary Pokémon are seen fighting, they all appear to be on a somewhat equal plane of ability. So it’s interesting to see that while Groudon and Kyogre have Primal Forms, Rayquaza goes Mega. We’ll have to see what becomes of that.

In the meantime, watch the new video below.